About Me

Mission Statement
I truly believe that the clients' interests come before my own.  The way to get what I want is to help you get what you want. I am responsive. I am an expert at what I do, but I always listen to you. I stay up to date with the market, with new laws and new strategies. I am honest about what I don't know. I surround my self with a team of excellent advisors that I feel comfortable referring people to for tax, legal and financial advice. I am always learning new ways to serve my clients better. 
"Mike showed great tenacity in selling our house in the crashing market. He stuck with
us, unwavering, through over a TWO YEAR process of selling the house short. He has a high
level of accountability and is an excellent communicator. He shows exceptional
professionalism consistently. I can highly recommend Mike as your agent."
Doug Poole - 40 Kilburn, Watsonville CA
"Mike was introduced to us through our accountant as having experience with short sales.
Mike was thorough in his approach and his experience came through at every step of the
process. He recommended changes and other strategies to assist us with the ultimate
Kerrie Sheldon - 225 Playa De Ninos
"Mike Young is the ultimate professional and a quality human being."
Eric Gifford - 2696 Christine Oaks
I have been practicing Real Estate for 6 years at Thunderbird Real Estate. I obtained my Real Estate Salespersons license in early 2004 then my Brokers license in 2005. During the past 2 years especially, I have been representing many short sale sellers. I have as much or more experience in this area than any Realtor on the Central Coast. I also represent buyers of distressed properties.
Education and certification:
Masters in Business                         2005 - University of Pheonix
Master of Science                              1995 - University of California Santa Cruz
Certified Default Specialist               2007 - Default School
Shortsale Foreclosure Resource    2009 - Pending Designation from National Association of Realtors